Is buying a refurbished copier or printer a good idea?

Buying a copier/printer can be frustrating especially if you really need one but you don’t know too much about them.

The sheer number of features and functions on printers and copiers can be dizzying, so you might well be asking which variety and brand is the best for your home or business. Add to that the question of whether to buy new or refurbished, and you’re REALLY confused!

Don’t discount the refurbished option right away. Know that a refurbished copier/printer is one that’s been used but thoroughly inspected by a professional who then replaces any worn or damaged parts.

So might a refurbished copier/printer be the right decision for you? Below we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a refurbished copier/printer:


Generally-speaking, buying a refurbished copier/printer is going to be the cheaper option, though it’s true that there can be some hidden costs, which we’ll discuss in the section on disadvantages. So, price is one of the most important considerations.

Refurbished copiers and printers have generally been around in the industry long enough to make it to the refurbished category and are therefore likely to be trusted machines. Most refurbished printer and copiers perform well.

With the savings from buying a good refurbished machine, more money can be reinvested into your business.


Sometimes dealers fail to mention hidden costs such as maintenance agreements. When considering the price, ask the dealer to disclose any and all costs associated with the machine and its maintenance, so there are no surprises.

Some refurbished copiers/printers can require extra maintenance or service to ensure they continue to function properly. Over time, this can add up.

Refurbished copiers/printers don’t always come with extended or comprehensive warranties like new ones do. If yours is one that doesn’t, try to negotiate a better price with the dealer.

Some refurbished copiers/printer dealers do not offer service agreements. If this is the case, look elsewhere, as this is pivotal for your happiness with your choice and with the product.

Many of these advantages/disadvantages are conditional and not one-size-fits-all. A refurbished copier/printer is as reliable as the dealer, so if they offer a comprehensive warranty, service agreement, and overall good quality copier/printer, then the refurbished route could be the best one for you.

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