New & refurbished digital printers in Milford MA and surrounding towns

Printsmart Office Solutions offers digital printer sales and service in Milford, MA and surrounding towns. We are a full-service company offering both sales and service to our customers who come to us for a full range of printer and copier needs.

With all the latest offerings, customers may be confused about the difference between digital printers and laser printers, or even printers and copiers, for that matter! We’ll sit down with you to understand the needs and workings of your business and help you distinguish what is best for you.

Printsmart sells the latest digital printers including the following brands: Kyocera, Sharp, Cannon, Lexmark and more. In addition, we offer service / maintenance plans for all our printers and copiers.

Laser printers, by contrast to the smaller inkjet varieties, are larger in size and are better equipped to serve the needs of medium and large businesses. With their precise output originating from a light beam, drum, and toner, laser printers are capable of handling high print volumes with great precision. Law offices, dental offices and payroll companies are often worthy candidates.

With the decision between single or multi-function printers (MFPs), Printsmart can also help. Based upon your companies need to print, copy, scan, and even fax and the regularity with which you perform these functions, we can help you decide which machine is best.

If you need a digital printer, come to Printsmart. We’re SMART at helping you find the best printing solutions!

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