Refurbished Copiers in Southeastern MA  & Boston metrowest

Active since 2007, Printsmart Office Solutions is a major competitor for refurbished copiers in in Southeastern, MA and Boston metrowest.

Refurbished copiers, like anything refurbished, may get a bad wrap, but Printsmart is the first to say that there’s much more to the story!

In a case study of one of our clients, buying a refurbished copy meant boatloads of savings! By replacing three of their regular printers with one Xerox refurbished printer, in ink costs alone, this company saved $365 a month! Saved money means more income and a greater ability to invest in other parts of your business – what a win!

Refurbished hardly means used in its simplest terms, because refurbished printers are thoroughly cleaned and tested, bringing them up to the highest standards. When customers get our refurbished copiers they can rest assured that they’ll work long and hard for their business. We sell excellent service plans to accompany them, so when trouble and breakdown do occasionally occur, your business will be up and running again in short order!

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