How Critical is it to Trust your Printer / Copier Repair Service Guy?

Very! Our business is printers and copiers, so we know how critical they are to the smooth operation of your business. Without your machines working properly, whole projects are often brought to a halt and important deadlines delayed and even missed altogether.

On the road to smooth sailing though, things happen, and sometimes printers/copiers need maintenance. When they do, you’ll find that the most important part of picking a printer/copier repair service is reliability.

How can you pick the right company that will give you the best results? Below we’ll talk about the main things you should look for when choosing a reliable printer/copier repair service.


One of the first things you need to consider when your printer/copier needs some TLC, is your budget. How much are you realistically able to spend on the repair? Then get quotes from various companies in order to assess their affordability against one another.

Vis a vis our competition, Printsmart offers free on-site consultation to determine what repairs need to be done and an approximate cost.


Because your copiers and printers are so valuable to your business, you should only trust experienced professionals to repair and work on and repair them.

Do your research on the companies you’re thinking of hiring for your repairs. Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions or even meet with a company representative in person. The people who come to work on your printers/copiers should have a lot of experience in the field and have even worked in the industry for a long period of time. It’s okay to expect the best service you can get for your printer/copier repair needs!

Specific Needs

Not all copiers and printers are the same, and that means they sometimes require different approaches to repair, different parts, and different fixes. Make sure that the company you choose has versatility in handling a number of makes and models, and most especially, the makes and models that your company owns or leases!

Reliable Service

Even if the company you pick scores A+ in all of the other categories but has poor customer service, in the end you’ll regret choosing them.

Inflexible, limited hours, unfriendly, front-end office staff, technicians who run late and at the end of a job leave untidy work areas, all contribute to a company’s service rating. Make sure the company you choose doesn’t fit this profile, but instead, puts the service of their customers high on their list!

Pricing, experience, versatility across brands, and service – all are critical components of assessing the trustworthiness of a printer/copier repair company.

Not only is Printsmart’s pricing competitive, but we’re proven reliable in all these areas. Let us be that trustworthy company your business chooses for its printer/copier repair needs!